Video Art


2024 | 00:04:00

Generated generates the generator. There are no boundaries of command. There is no grip on time. It’s futile to resist.


2022 | 00:08:21

How fragile is our home? Nothing stays permanently no matter how hard we try to re-enforce it with material. Escape is not the answer.

Performance and co-artist Heli Hietala.

Land of Lords

2015 | 00:07:00

Who are the enlightened beings in the Land of Lords? Sadhu´s and the monkeys living on the shores of river Ganges have different points of view. It can be love for God, love for natural-wisdom or love for survival.


2014 | 00:04:00

Sometimes fears are exaggerated and let to invade the conscience. The snowball effect of untamed thoughts growing on itself gets unbearable. It’s that nightmare which distorts the self and suffocates.

Going Somewhere?

2012 | 00:04:33

A bridge has only two ways to go. Front and back. Watching the bidirectional simplicity of a rural Indian bridge is an intriguing experience.

Going Somewhere? has also been used for art therapy at:

  • Pitkäniemi psychiatric hospital 2015
  • Kauppi hospital 2013
  • Koukkuniemi retirement home 2013

Peku lapista

2008 | 00:04:55

Pekka Fofonoff from Inari had something to teach – Life!

World time

2007 | 00:02:30

Changing perspectives in International non co-operation with time.


2008 | 00:03:00

Sky burns. An expression of the changing natural elements over time.


2007 | 00:03:00

Water burns. An expression of the changing natural elements over time.


2007 | 00:02:30

Images of a scar that does not heal easily.

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