Environmental Art

Natural intelligence

2013 | Laru Art Association | Särkkiniemi, Helsinki

Test – The forest people are testing natural “intelligence”.

Co-artist: Heli Hietala.


2012 | Laru Art Association | Särkkiniemi, Helsinki

Preacaution -The “Forest” people have received gas masks as gifts. They are safe now.

Co-artist: Heli Hietala.


2011 | Laru Art Association | Särkkiniemi, Helsinki

Break free – When things get stationary and desperate, all we need is a little push that breaks free the wheel.

Sculpture park

2010 | Backas sculpture park, Vantaa

Are you in? – Being in the cage is comfortable until the value of freedom is understood. The conflicts of mind creates dilemma.


2010 | Iiru lake, Alajärvi

Bugmill – The bugs of the lake are familiar with the blowing winds.

Stories of Lauttasaari

2009 | Laru Art Association | Särkkiniemi, Helsinki

The Drying Flying Carpet – The Flying carpet is a legendary mode of air travel in stories from Arabia, Asia and some Slavic cultures. One such traveller to Lauttasaari had to wash and dry their flying carpet in the same way as the residents of Lauttasaari do.

Environmental art exhibition

2009 | Backas sculpture park, Vantaa

2008 | YTY Association | Kivinokka, Helsinki

Soul tunnel – `Soul Tunnel´ is an equipment through which one can see to the other side. Science has not been able to find a soul in human body. Probably, everyone has a soul somewhere, not necessarily within their bodies.

It could be on the other side of the “Soul Tunnel”.

Hide and seek

2008 | Laru Art Association | Särkkiniemi, Helsinki

Blink – Blink once and lose it.

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